Medical System Developed by Academician Yang Shanlin’s Team Equipped to Liaoning Aircraft Carrier


The mobile minimal invasive equipment system partly developed by HFUT Academician Yang Shanlin’s team was officially launched on the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier.

On April, 16, Academician Yang and his team boarded the Liaoning. Mr. Yang gave a speech on the cooperation between the army and the people and expressed his pride in making a contribution to the modernization of the army.

The mobile minimal invasive equipment system is an important component of the medical emergency relief system in Europe and the U.S., the core products and technology of which are inaccessible to China for a long time. The assembly of the system on the aircraft carrier this time is jointly developed by several institutions, including HFUT, the Second Military Medical University, and DVL. The system has already assisted in the missions for the escort in the Gulf of Aden and the Yemen Evacuation.

The system is now under improvement by Yang Shanlin’s team, and will be put into service in many mobile medical scenarios like emergency response and disaster relief, international rescue and classification diagnosis.


Written by: Publicity Department

Edited by: Zhou Hui