HFUT 2016 Graduate Commencement Held


HFUT 2016 graduate commencement ceremonies were held on June 21, in Xuancheng and Hefei respectively. HFUT school board, the department officials, faculty and staff representatives attended the commencement.

Wu Yucheng, Vice President and Director of University Council of Xuancheng Campus, chaired the commencement in Xuancheng Campus and conferred bachelor’s degrees on the graduate representatives. Zhang Xiaoying, Vice Director of the University Council presided over the commencement in Hefei.

The two leaders announced Decisions to “Commend 2016 HFUT Outstanding Graduates and 2016 Anhui Outstanding Graduates” on two campuses respectively. 230 graduates were granted “2016 HFUT Outstanding Graduates” and 766 were granted “2016 Anhui Outstanding Graduates”.

Professor Zhou Guoxiang from Department of Information Engineering, Fu Weizhong, National Model of Professional Ethics and Professor from School of Management, and Professor Wu Huaqing, Dean of School of Economics gave speeches on the ceremony. They extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates and expected students to work down-to-earth and aim far and make a difference in their future.

Three graduate representatives from Department of Chemical Engineering and Food Processing on Xuancheng Campus, School of Material Science and Engineering and School of Maxim in Hefei campus conducted speeches respectively. In emotional recall of the college life, they extended gratitude to their teachers and the alma mater, and expressed hopes for their future life while bearing in mind the motto of HFUT.

Yuan Zihuang, Director of the University Council, and Liang Liang, President of HFUT, gave remarks at the commencement in Xuancheng and Hefei respectively. They gave advice to the graduates and placed high hopes on them in fulfilling the dreams of their own and that of the Chinese nation. They quoted words from Yueyang Tower to admonish students to have a sense of crisis at all times and devote themselves to the nation and the people.

HFUT graduates have always been down-to-earth, said them. Their way of doing things was widely acclaimed by the society and remains the very channel to realizing their ideals. As the great Taoist Laozi ever said, “Plan difficult things while being easy, do great things while being small.”, on the way to realizing the “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation, a down-to-earth attitude is fundamental for each to accomplish his or her dream and add to the greater one.

According to Mr. Yuan and Mr. Liang, Hefei University of Technology has carried the task of national revival and social progress on its shoulder through industrial development since its founding. Over the past 70 years, generations of HFUT graduates have been devoted to building a stronger China. The class of 2016 is expected to carry forward the fine tradition of the forerunners and to seek virtue as individuals and vital parts to the whole nation.

With deep affection, Mr. Yuan and Mr. Liang said that HFUT would always be a solid backup force to the graduates and the 300,000 alumnus and alumnae at all corners of China will always support them.

At Xuancheng Campus, Mr. Yuan gave particular note to the city at the foot of the campus. Xuancheng used to be the headquarter to the New Force Army during the War against Japanese Aggression. Numerous soldiers had sacrificed their lives in trade for the freedom and peace we enjoy today. The class of 2016 at Xuancheng Campus is the pioneer batch of graduates of Xuancheng Campus of HFUT. They should remember the affection and devotion of the predecessors and repay their goodness with hard work and contribution.

“College life is a preparation for students to maneuver their talents in the future. It’s time to set off. Are you ready? ” Yuan asked at the end of the commencement. The question received a unanimous “Yes!” from the graduates.

  HFUT 2016 graduate commencement in Xuancheng and Hefei 

  Yuan Zihuang, Director of the University Council, gives a remark at Xuancheng Campus

  President Liang Liang is giving a speech at Hefei Campus 

Vice President Wu Yucheng is awarding a student bachelor’s degree 

Written by: Publicity Department

Photo Credit: Ning Langsha & Yu Liulang

Edited by: Zhou Hui