Release of the First Campus MV ‘ If You, the HFUT version’


On 8th Oct. , for the 71st anniversary of the founding of the Hefei University of Technology, the university released the first campus MV "If You, the HFUT version", which was formally distributed on the main video site, school’s official Wechat , Tencent and so on.

"If You, the HFUT version '", was performed by four students ---Jia Ping, Liu Xinyu, Zhang Fanfan and Shi Nan of HFUT. The tune is lovely and wonderful, and the graphics is naturally fresh. Meanwhile, the adapted lyric soulfully conveyed their great love and  passion for the Alma Mater as well as the university life, and fully expressed students’ affection for HFUT. Therefore, such positive energy as youth and brightness was powerfully spread on campus.

The adapter, Shi Nan, a post-graduate admitted in 2015 majoring in Computer Architecture, said that the most important inspiration of rewriting the lyric of the song came from his deep love for the university. He hopes that this song can strike a responsive chord in the hearts of all Hfuters. It aims to encourage the freshmen to take positive attitudes towards college life, to urge the students to cherish their college time and take dreams as direction and motivation for future advance, and to remind the alumni that the Alma Mater will take pride in them and revisit the university as often as possible.

The recording of the MV is supervised by New Media Management and Operation Center of Publicity Department of the University Party Committee. Its shots and post production went on smoothly with careful scheduling and enforcing austerity. Welcome all the teachers, students and alumni to download and  appreciate the MV by paying close attention to university’s official Wechat (hfgd1945) or visiting the website of news and culture.


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编辑:Pan Chenxi