Governor of Anhui Province Li Guoying Visits HFUT for Investigation


   On the afternoon of November 7, Li Guoying, Deputy Secretary of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Governor of Anhui Province, visited Hefei University of Technology( HFUT) for investigation. Accompanied by Yuan Zihuang, Secretary of HFUT Party Committee, Liang Liang, President of HFUT and other school leaders, Li Guoying learned about HFUT’s latest achievements in advanced intelligent manufacturing. 


   On the 8th floor of the Science Building of the Feicuihu Campus, Li Guoying experienced the flexibility and convenience of the first joint-coordinated measuring machine in China developed by HFUT, and inquired about the transfer of the scientific research results to Anhui enterprises. He also pledged that the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province should learn timely about the latest development of scientific research in universities, and help university researchers achieve technology transfer to enterprises in Anhui, moving research to production.


To meet the demand of Chinese mega science and engineering project and intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, professor Zi Bin and his team from the School of Mechanical Engineering conducted the research on key technology and engineering application of flexible parallel robots. The achievements of their research was successfully applied to the lifting of “The Eye of Heaven”, a five-hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope. Li Guoying fully affirmed efforts of HFUT researchers aiming at national key and major projects in conducting scientific research. He said that the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(NCCPC) called for focusing on the real economy, and working faster to build China into a manufacturer of quality by promoting further integration of the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy. The scientific achievements of HFUT have been transformed and served directly for the construction of Chinese modern economic system, which is also the embodiment of our study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 19th NCCPC. 


Li Guoying came to model AS15E of Chaohu and inquired about this autonomous vehicle for water quality monitoring. Developed by professor Xia Na and his research team from the School of Computer and Information, the vehicle adopts high-precision navigation technology of Beidou II satellite, intelligent control technology, ultra-short wave communication technology, and can achieve automatic water quality sampling, hydrological parameter acquisition, real-time data transmission, on-line monitoring and automatic report. Li Guoying said the modern data acquisition equipment can provide accurate, fast, comprehensive and real-time monitoring data of water quality in Chaohu Lake, which is the foundation and support of Chaohu Lake’s pollution treatment. Li Guoying encouraged the research team to keep working hard to catch up with the advanced level of the world and contribute to the protection of water environment in Chaohu Lake.


In the display area of robots, Ren Xiangxiang and Ren Sisi, the robots developed by professor Ren Fuji and his research team in Anhui Key laboratory of affective computing and advanced intelligent machines, gave Li Guoying and the visiting delegation a warm welcome. Li Guoying inquired with great interest about the level of intelligent robotics research and development and its commercialization. He learned that facing the demand of “Made in China 2025” Plan and development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Anhui, the team has actively tried out sophisticated industrialization experiments, and successfully constructed the world’s largest multidimensional emotional annotation of the Chinese blog emotional corpus and Chinese communication emotional corpus, and developed a multidimensional fine-grained emotional robot prototype with independent intellectual property rights. Li Guoying hoped that the research team of Ren Fuji would transfer more research achievements into smart elderly care industry, so that more advanced intelligent machines can better serve for people’s livelihood.


During the investigation, Liu Xiaoping, Vice President of HFUT, made a report about the latest achievements of HFUT’s intelligent manufacturing research; Yuan Zihuang and Liang Liang made a report about the scientific research that HFUT has been conducting in accordance with the requirements of national strategic goals and regional and industrial economic development. The leaders of HFUT declared in the report that, under the strong leadership of the Ministry of Education and the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, we will hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, study, publicize and carry out the spirit of the 19th NCCPC, strengthen the unified leadership of the CPC on school work, promote continuously the construction of internationally renowned, research oriented and high-level university and first class disciplines in the world, and make new and greater contribution to the construction of beautiful Anhui developed in five dimensions.


 Approaching the end of the investigation, Li Guoying hoped that HFUT can carry on good traditions, take the initiative to serve local construction of Anhui Province, conduct scientific research and focus on the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into productive force.


 The school leaders Lu Lin, Chen Gang, Liu Zhifeng, Yan Ping, Ji Yihong, Chen Honghai and relevant people in charge from Office of Research Management of HFUT, School of Computer and Information participated in the investigation.