Fu Weizhong: Upholding the Faith



Credit: Ning Langsha

Professor Fu Weizhong is Director of Department of Business Administration, Director of Institute of Development Strategy, and a master’s advisor at School of Management. He was graduated from HFUT as a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Automation and then earned his master’s degree and doctoral degree in Management.

Fu’s persistent and profound care for students touched me during the interview. He devoted all his youth to his beloved students and his career.

His faith in his job kept him busy in research and teaching and nurtured his gentleness to students.

Let Wisdom Kindle the Class

Professor Fu seldom stands on the podium in his class. He likes to stand among the students instead so he could adjust the tempo according to the feedback from the students. While explaining some key points, he would associate the points with the current affairs and ask students to answer his question from time to time. As he explains the lesson deeply, he would move around in the class so that he could pay attention to each and every student. Shortening the distance to students is his unique way of teaching.

He has his purpose in adopting this teaching method. “I believe a teacher is both a director and actor in class. As a director, I have to harness the general atmosphere of the class. As a actor, I should immerse myself in the role and enjoy the process of teaching. In my eyes, both the students and the teacher are the lead. Only with interaction can we perform the scene well.” said he.

In fact, His teaching style was inspired from his postgraduate studies at Beijing Institute of Machinery (now Beijing Information Science and Technology University). At that time, all of the management engineering courses were taught by U.S. professors. The class was enlivened. They usually move around in the class and stayed close to students. This teaching style was very popular among students.

To enliven the class, Professor Fu would hold some discussions about heated topics, which are in conformity with his syllabus. Fu said:”When discussing how to establish a reasonable consumption concept, I took online shopping as an example and analyzed the merits and demerits of online shopping from the perspective of economy. In doing so, I combined theory with reality and motivated students.”

He also believes that there must be a mutual respect between teachers and students. A teacher should respect students as well. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your hobby? Do you have anything to say about the course?” These are common conversations between students and him during the break.

This type of conversation would improve the efficiency of the class, according to Fu. “Within only half a semester, I can memorize the names of 80% of the students. Remembering their names also shows respect. What’s more, asking those less active students to answer questions will help them be more involved in class. ” said Fu.

His teaching extends beyond the class. At the beginning of each course, he would first write down his e-mail address on the chalk board for communication with students. All kinds of problems, as big as taking the post-graduate entrance examination, studying overseas and professional training, or as small as the doubts in choosing a course or troubles in life, would be treated by Professor Fu as equals. He would reply every e-mail with incisiveness and help students as much as possible.

He said gently: “When I was young, students were like friends to me. Now, they are more like my children.”

Capacity-Building of Students

In 2011, Fu Weizhong, in collaboration with all the teachers in the department, worked out a model of quality, knowledge and capacity structures for business administration students in engineering-oriented universities and established a corresponding course system composed of theoretical teaching, capacity building and quality education.

“Building the theoretical teaching system is relatively easy and requires only a subtle adjustment. For example, Basic Computer Science has been transformed from a compulsory course to a selective course, according to the changing computer knowledge of students. ” as was introduced by Professor Fu.

But he is also fully aware that quality education matters equally. “It is indispensible to students to hone their minds and qualities. They should not be afraid of making mistakes. They should overcome the setbacks and frustrations by themselves and learn to be persistent.” said he.

To build on the hands-on abilities of students to solve real problems, Professor Fu raised the ratio of internship and practice of students in the system, and took innovative education as paramount in the four-year study of undergraduates. Students are assigned to corresponding departments of enterprises to take their internship. He often takes students to visit enterprises which has been or had been in cooperation with him.

Professor Fu also invites some experienced executives from enterprises to give lectures or speeches, so that students would have a better understanding of administration. “These lectures or speeches are highly interactive, and are effective means for students to learn management methods from the frontline managers.”

Furthermore, he also encourages students to participate in campus-level, provincial and national contests as a way to upgrade their practical and innovative abilities. “Comparative Analysis of Market Positioning Strategies of Chinese and Foreign Large-Scale Retailers”, a program led by Jia Junyin, a student majoring in Business Administration, won the Second Prize in the national final of the Third National Market Research Contest for College Students in 2013.

Professor Fu was very proud. “A market research analysis program consists of many procedures and details, including choosing retailers, deciding how many questionnaires should be handed out, and whether there should be a hierarchical design, all of which requires careful planning.” he said, “As the coach, my job is limited to informing them of the ways to use modern information technology to carry on the market research and to acquire enormous first-hand materials. It is their active use of professional knowledge that earns them the honor.”

“My Friend is My Teacher”

Professor Fu is both a teacher and friend to students. His meticulousness, wittiness and wisdom deeply inspire his students.

He is a gentlemanlike and demanding teacher in the eyes of his students.

Wang Can, a postgraduate student majoring in Business Administration said: “He is very stringent in teaching. He never hesitates to point out the mistakes in our study, no matter big or small.”

Fu’s strictness still bears in the mind of Tang Fang, a postgraduate majoring in Logistics Engineering, “I can still remember that he was constantly checking his teaching plan when preparing for the course of ‘Macro Economics’, so as to verify the correctness of the lessons and to update the data. He really matches his words with his deeds.”

Fu’s humor left a deep impression on students as well. “His course is interesting and keeping with time. Before the class begins, he would invite students to give brief self-introductions in English.” according to Zhang Xiaopan, a postgraduate who majors in Business Administration.

Professor Fu is also concerned about the life of his students. “A teacher cannot be indifferent to students’ problems with the excuse of busyness. You can only do your job well when you are truly concerned about your students.”

Tang Fang, a student of Professor Fu recalled the days when she broke her leg. “I broke my leg not long ago and had to lie in the bed. He helped me with my study and tried to solve some of my difficulties in life as well.”

“He really cares for us. He knows every student well and communicates with parents frequently. Mr. Fu is good at discovering the strength of students and guiding them to find their own path.” Tang said gratefully.

“I’m always proud of my choice to be a teacher in the past 30 years.” said Professor Fu. His commitment to his faith carries a lot of weight in this impetuous society. Professor Fu, a highly responsible teacher, fervently nourishes the seeds of talents with his passion, and embraces harvest wherefrom.

Writer: Sun Jiayin