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Qiu Xu: Effect of H on the mechanical properties of high-entropy alloy
time: Dec 26, 2019

Time:10:00, December 23, 2019(Monday)

Location:Conference Room 301 of material building

Speaker:ProfessorQiu Xu

From:Kyoto University

Organizer:School of Materials Science & EngineeringInternational Science and technology cooperation base of advanced energy and environmental materials

Lecturer introduce:Xu Qiu, professor and doctoral supervisor of nuclear reactor Research Institute, Kyoto University. He graduated from Beijing University of science and technology with a bachelor's degree in 1984, Kyushu University in Japan with a doctor's degree in engineering in March 1995, and entered the nuclear reactor Research Institute of Kyoto University as an assistant professor in April 1995. He has been engaged in the basic research on the interaction between materials and particle lines (neutrons, ions and electrons) for a long time. He is the director of the Radiation Research Office of nuclear materials of the nuclear reactor research institute and the director of the neutron and electron radiation device of the nuclear reactor research institute. He presided over a number of projects supported by the Ministry of culture of Japan (including the damage of reactor cladding materials, the relationship between precipitates in cladding steel and neutron irradiation behavior, the research on swelling and defects of stainless steel, and the interaction between dislocations and point defects in metals under irradiation). He served as a member of the supervision committee and the Joint Utilization Committee of the nuclear reactor research institute. He has published more than 180 articles in nuclear fusion, Phys. Rev. B., Phys. Rev. C., appl. Phys. Lett., Phil. Mag. lett., Journal of nuclear materials and other publications, and has been cited more than 1600 times. Served as the editorial board member of Journal of nuclear science and technology.