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Advance Made in Quantum Precision Measurement
time: Sep 27, 2016

The work of the research group led by Professor Xu Nanyang from School of Electronic Science and Applied Physics of HFUT published “Wavelet-based fast time-resolved magnetic sensing with electronic spins in diamond” on Physical Review B, an influential journal in physics.

In collaboration with University of Science and Technology of China, Huangshan University and University of Stuttgart, the research group proposed a wavelet transformation-based quantum measurement method, and demonstrated its application in time domain signal measurement within the quantum spin system.

Figure 1: (a) The schematic of the setup. (b) The general shape of Haar wavelet functions. (c) The spin-echo sequence whose filter function matches well with Haar wavelet functions. (d) The schematic of Haar sensing method.

The quantum precision measurement of electronic spins in diamond is one of the hottest topics in the world. A single electronic spin is under nanoscale    and extremely sensitive to external magnetic field, and is thus expected to be applied in magnetic probing or imaging.       Nevertheless, it was not effectively used due to certain technological bottlenecks.

The research group, by combining Haar wavelet transformation with dynamical decoupling pulse techniques, has substantially elevated the level of sensitivity. The readers have given high remarks on the paper such as“I have read with great interest the manuscript…, the paper presents a new and promising method to measure AC magnetic field with high spatial resolution...”and “As spin probes become more broadly adopted for sensing, the proposed scheme is likely to find use in the near future.”

Professor Xu Nanyang specializes in the studies of quantum measurement of electronic spin. The work has been funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 Program).

Written by: Xu Nanyang & Liu Jichun

Photo Credit: Xu Nanyang

Edited by: Wang Jian