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Academic English Writing and Communication: A Course Available Online
time: May 19, 2020

On May 15th,Academic English Writing and Communication, a massive open online course (MOOC) offered by School of Foreign Studies got online at next.xuetangx.com.

Headed by Professor Tang Jun, the academic English teaching group with the School of Foreign Studies has accumulated rich experience and endeavors to turn the traditional knowledge-based teaching mode into a skill-oriented blended learning model, which vividly shows the teaching features of the “Internet Plus” Era. Aiming to cultivate academic writing and communication skills of undergraduates and graduate students, the online course systematically introduces the basic structure of academic paper and related writing tips, and elaborates on the academic conference agenda and communication skills, which will definitely improve the international communication competence of the faculty and students, thus promoting their scientific research competitiveness.

In recent years, the Graduate School and Office of Academic Affairs have highlighted MOOC in their course design plans, and treated it as an important tool to improve the academic performance of the university and cultivate innovative talents. With globalization of the higher education, the School of Foreign Studies took the initiative to reform the courses and dazzled all with a series of accomplishments: English Practice Center was built and benefited all the graduate students; English Academic Poster Competition was successfully held in January, 2020; More and more students are encouraged to participate in the international academic exchange, etc. This online course is another important achievement of the university’s teaching and reform efforts, incorporating the language advantages into the development of Hefei University of Technology.

You are welcome to attend the course ofAcademic English Writing and Communication!Please join us at


(Fang Yuanyuan  Huang Juan)