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HFUT Professors Publish Paper on Light: Science & Applications
time: Jul 21, 2015

A HFUT research team from School of Instrument Science and Opto-electronics Engineering released their latest research progress on photonic crystals on Light: Science & Applications with Professor Xie Kang as the Lead author and Professor Jiang Haiming,  and Professor Hu Zhijia as the correspondence.

This is the second time for this research team to publish its latest work after the one on trapped photons at a Dirac point on Laser & Photonics Reviews in 2014.

Optical field location is the basic feature of optical waveguides and cavities. It’s one of the key problems of modern optics, both scientifically and technologically. In the paper — Trapped photons at a Dirac point: a new horizon for photonic crystals published in 2014, the team has found and proved that photonic crystals at a Dirac point can support photonic localization. This localization occurs in regions outside a photonic bandgap and far from the total internal reflection (TIR). Based on this light guiding mechanism, the team proposed a new fiber guiding for the first time in the world in Fiber guiding at the Dirac frequency beyond photonic bandgaps published in 2015. Nature spoke highly of this paper on the introduction of it in the column of Research Summary when the paper was released.

These have been the important innovative work of HFUT on photonic crystal studies, which made the breakthrough in traditional TRI and the guiding mechanism of photonic bandgap fibers and established the third guiding mechanism in optical waveguides. Similar to photonic bandgap-photonic crystal fiber (PBG-PCF), the waveguide based on fiber guiding at the Dirac point enables light to be trapped in a hollow core, thereby facilitating filling relevant reagent into the cores to consolidate interaction between light and matter, which will have significant applications in fiber sensors and lasers.

Laser & Photonics Reviews is an scientific journal published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. Light: Science & Applications is a co-published journal with Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Both two journals are listed among the important SCI journals according to Chinese Academy of Science.

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