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College of Continuing Education

Continuing education in Hefei University of Technology has a long-standing history dating back to 1958 when the University was first accredited with corresponding qualification. First established as College of Adult Education in 1988, the College later changed its name to College of Continuing Education in 2008, taking charge of continuing education in the University.

Housed in the southern campus of HFUT, the College enjoys superior environment and a complete set of infrastructure including teaching buildings, library, student apartments, canteens, auditoriums, hospitals and stadiums. The distinguished teaching faculties and advanced facilities on campus have provided a sound condition for its modern teaching and trainings of various kinds.

Upholding the educational philosophy of “building an education platform to address the diversified demands of higher education in the society based on the advantages of HFUT”, the College has followed the guiding principle of “providing qualified education to meet students’ need with integrated resources and intensified management” for years to form a multi-tier and multi-channel teaching structure with special characteristics of discipline, novelty and quality. The Campus has won many recognitions in recent years, such as Ministerial-level Advanced Institute of Continuing Education, Excellent Correspondence and Night College, Advanced Institute of Self-taught Education, National Advanced Institute in Higher Education Enrollment, etc..

In the past few years, the College has made enormous strides in credential education, continuing education and self-taught examinations. At present, there are over 25,300 students receiving continuing education on campus, with a newly added number of 2,000 students each year.

In the future, the College will work steadfastly to launch a series of flagship training programs to nurture more talents that are attuned to the needs of technology, manufacturing, management and service industries so as to make its due contribution to the national goal of establishing life-long education system and a learning society.

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