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Technician College of Hefei University and Technology

As the first technician college founded by a national key university, the Technician College of Hefei University of Technology is a full-time pubic vocational tertiary college with the accreditation of Anhui Provincial People’s Government and tasked with the cultivation of engineers and senior technicians that are in great demand nowadays. Under the jurisdiction of Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province, the College is also a Demonstration Institute of National Youth Technical Skills Assessment approved by the China Youth League and a Training Base for Teaching Faculties with Both Academic and Practical Credentials under the authorization of Department of Education of Anhui Province.

The College is housed in the beautiful Jade Lake campus of Hefei University of Technology with well-equipped facilities. The College has an extra advantage over its counterparts due to its teaching and training platform - the Engineering Training Center of HFUT, a national experiment and teaching demonstration center with top-notch training conditions, advanced modern manufacturing equipment and standardized industrial scenario for teaching and management.

The College has a full range of technical programs such as Numerical Control Machining Techniques, Machining, Fitter, Electrician Techniques and Welding with over 900 students at present. Apart from over 80 teaching staff on campus, we have invited more than 30 professors from HFUT to teach in academic classes for students whereas another over 20 high-tech talents in medium-and-large-size enterprises are also appointed as part-time professors and intern mentor, forming a complete team of high-end teachers. Numerous achievements have been made through the concerted efforts of teachers and students. Six teachers has won top prizes in the Anhui Preliminary Selection of National Numerical Control Contest, with one of them ranking 7th nationally. In 2008, the students of the College won top three places in all contest items of the Anhui Preliminary Selection, which was highly acclaimed by government leaders. Supported by favorable policies and ample funds, the Technician College is now gaining a strong momentum for development.

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