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School of Microelectronics

To meet the demand of running jointly-operated education between universities and integrated circuit enterprises as stipulated in the Several Policies on Encouraging the Development of Software and Integrated Circuit Industries issued by the State Council, the School of Microelectronics was founded on May 6th, 2012 to cover a holistic range of subjects including the design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and systematic application of integrated circuit by pooling the resources of many leading enterprises and research institutes in Anhui province. Adopting a new talent cultivation model of “university-enterprise” joint operation to enhance innovative and practical engineering capabilities, the School strives to foster talents that are in urgent demand in the microelectronics industry, thereby attuning them to the practical needs of the market.

In light of the specialties of the discipline and the current demands of the society, the school now runs one undergraduate program - Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System with two academic focuses: a) IC Design and Testing b) IC Packaging and Manufacturing. The program is designed to train students with R&D capabilities in electronic materials, components and IC and Integrated Electronic System.

The School aims to enhance students’ capabilities to analyze and solve problems in a realistic way and make innovations. Through a jointly operated schooling model, more attention will be given to strengthening the internship and practice stage and more excellent scholars from both home and abroad and senior R&D intellectuals will be invited to give lectures and guidance to students here.

More work needs to be done in discipline development, scientific research and lab building. We have been consolidating the interaction and merging of different disciplines, integrating engineering, science, basic research and application development to meet the ongoing demands of engineering applications, and cooperating proactively with enterprises to set up joint labs.

The school is ready to make new headways in the future. Welcome to join the School of Microelectronics!

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