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School of Foreign Languages

The predecessor of the School of Foreign Languages in Hefei University of Technology was the foreign language department in the University. In 1997, the Foreign Language Department in Anhui Polytechnic Institute merged with its counterpart in Hefei University of Technology. In 1999, the Foreign Language Department and the Social Science Department were combined to form a new School of Humanities and Economics. The School of Foreign Languages was officially inaugurated in 2008. Apart from the English Department, the School of Foreign Languages also consists of a number of educational and training units such as Department of College English, Department of Graduate English, Institute of Language Studies, Institute of Translation Studies, Research Center of College English Teaching Reform and Language Laboratory.

The School of Foreign Languages boasts a contingent of renowned scholars. Among the total 158 teachers, 48 are professors or associate professors and 82 of them have PhD degrees or Master’s degrees.

Currently, there are over 70 postgraduate students in the School of Foreign Languages. The school has one first-tier discipline graduate program and three second-tier discipline graduate programs. Graduates with Master degrees from the school are now active in all fields, such as diplomacy, international cultural exchange, international business management, journalism, publication, foreign language teaching, and international studies, all being talents with a strong sense of social responsibility and a global vision.

Apart from offering programs to English majors, the school is also responsible for delivering English courses to over 6,000 undergraduate students at HFUT. Committed to English course reform, the school provides classified English training courses to students according to their different English proficiency. We are incessantly enriching the resources for independent learning and raising our teaching standard steadily. In 2006, College English was awarded “Excellent Course of HFUT”. In 2007, the College English Course Reform Program of HFUT was listed as one of the 65 College English Course Reform Demonstration Programs by Ministry of Education, the only one that received the same honor in Anhui Province.

The Department of Graduate English, with a focus on improving students’ English capability in international academic exchanges and English application, is now in charge of the English training courses for over 2,000 graduate students at HFUT.

The school’s research group features comprehensive discipline coverage, outstanding leadership, and standardized research management with prominent research capability and impressive achievements.

The School of Foreign Languages seeks to foster talents with language proficiency, adept knowledge of western countries and a great vision.

In the future, the School of Foreign Languages will conduct more in-depth language studies in a wider range of areas in order to promote understanding of the languages and cultures in the world, contributing to cultural prosperity in China and friendship promotion in the world.

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