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School of Civil Engineering

School of Civil Engineering has a history of sixty years. Its predecessor was the Department of Civil Engineering of Bengbu Industrial and Vocational School. In 1999, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Construction Engineering and the Department of Hydroelectric Engineering merged into the School of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering,   which adopted the current name School of Civil Engineering in 2007.

School of Civil Engineering has 7 departments, 9 laboratories and 1 computer center. It offers 6 undergraduate programs, including Civil Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Hydroelectric Engineering, Constructional Environment and Equipment Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Surveying Engineering. It offers 4 first-class master programs, including Civil Engineering, Hydroelectric Engineering, Mechanics and Surveying Engineering. The doctoral program offers doctorates in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. The school also has one post-doctoral research station in Civil Engineering. The School of Civil Engineering has a current student  body of 2,600 undergraduate students and 1,000 postgraduate and doctoral students.

The school is rich in expertise and resources. The School of Civil Engineering has a strong faculty consisting of both distinguished senior scholars and young academic leaders. The school has a total of 168 full-time faculty members, including 30 professors, 55 associate professors, and 54 assistant professors. 62 of them received doctorate degrees and 67 of them masters’ degrees.

The school focuses on the teaching of basic theories and computer application to cultivate quality professionals. It strives to nurture a comprehensive and balanced technician well versed in civil engineering, professional training and inspiration for innovation.

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