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2018 Matriculation Ceremony Held on Hefei Campuses
time: Sep 29, 2018

On August 31, a matriculation ceremony for new students of 2018 was held on Feicuihu Campus and Tunxilu Campus in Hefei. The ceremony was attended by about 5900 undergraduates, over 2800 postgraduates, and more than 100 preparatory minority students. Matriculation is followed by a two-week-long military training that marks the start of their university education.


Heads of the university, representatives of all schools and departments as well as officers from National University of Defense Technology attended the ceremony. Vice party secretary of HFUT Chen Gang presided over it. In the solemn national athem, Party Secretary of HFUT Yuan Zihuang announced the beginning of the ceremony.


Party Secretary of HFUT Yuan Zihuang announces the beginning of the ceremony.

President Liang Liang delivered an address. He welcomed and congratulated the new students. He expressed thanks to the officers and soldiers deployed for the military training task. He then reviewed the history of Hefei University of Technology and said that HFUT is true to its mission to provide student-centered education and foster personal and intellectual growth to prepare students for productive careers, meaningful lives, and responsible citizenship.


President Liang Liang gives opening remark.

In his welcome remarks, President Liang Liang adjured the students to have great aspirations for which they would toil, to bravely undertake social responsibilities, to establish correct values, to study conscientiously and innovate. In addition to emphasizing their responsibility, he also urged them to maintain both physical and mental health so as to deal with the challenges of school life.

Vice party secretary of HFUT, director for the military training group, Lu Lin made a speech to the young students. He said that young people are not required to enlist for compulsory military service in China, but most of them as per law have to go through rigid military training. He added that by following soldiers’ daily routine and going through intensive training, the students will learn how to bear hardship and lead a disciplined life. He also stressed that military training should be based on the fitness quality of students for a safe and smooth operation.


Vice Party Secretary of HFUT Lu Lin delivers a speech.


Vice Party Secretary of HFUT Chen Gang presides over the ceremony.

Representatives of students, freshmen, teachers successively addressed the ceremony.


Representative of teachers, Professor Hong Richang gives a speech.


Representative of teachers, Professor He Wei gives a speech.


Representative of students Zhang Chenyang gives a speech.


Representative of students Du Qinyu gives a speech.


Representative of 2018 newly-enrolled postgraduate Wang Chao gives a speech.


Representative of 2018 newly-enrolled postgraduate Lian Ruiyu gives a speech.


Freshmen representative Wang Xiao gives a speech.


Freshmen representative Yang Canran gives a speech.

编辑:Pan Chenxi