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Academician Yang Shanlin Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
time: Nov 11, 2018

Academician Yang Shanlin received " Lifetime Achievement Award of Systems Science and Systems Engineering " from the Systems Engineering Society of China on October 27, 2018 in Chengdu.

Systems Engineering Society of China was founded in the early 1980s initiated by 21 famous Chinese scientists such as Qian Xuesen, Song Jian, Guan Zhaozhi and Xu Guozhi. At the beginning of the establishment, Mr. Qian Xuesen, a prominent scientist and the father of China’s missile and space program, and Mr. Xue Muqiao, a well-known economist, served as honorary chairmen. The Lifetime Achievement Award, established by the Society, is the highest award in the System Science and Systems Engineering Science and Technology Awards, which is made to scientists in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the development of systems science and systems engineering in China. Previous winners include: Academician Liu Yuanzhang, Academician Wang Yingluo, Academician Wang Zhongtuo, Researcher Yu Jingyuan, Academician Chen Hanfu, and Academician Dai Wei Ru.

Academician Yang Shanlin has long been devoted to research and education, and has made innovative, systematic and leading research results in decision science and information system technology. He has also trained a group of young researchers with strong scientific research capability. In recent years, Academician Yang Shanlin led the team to attain new achievements in the fields of high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing engineering management, air and space system engineering management, energy and environmental engineering management, medical and health engineering management.

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Academician Yang Shanlin delivers a speech

编辑:Pan Chenxi