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Dr. Li Linglin Awarded Funding from MSCA-IF
time: Mar 17, 2018

After rigorous evaluation of European Research Council (ERC), Dr. Li Linglin, a young teacher from School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering, was awarded funding totaling 195,000 from Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) in Horizon 2020the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Dr. Li is the second teacher from that school who was awarded the funding.

Horizon 2020 is one of the world’s biggest official scientific research programs and the most wide-ranging global scientific research program with the greatest amount of funding invested by EU. It is known for It is noted for its supreme research standard and fierce competition in grant application. Being internationally renowned, Horizon 2020, one of the top awards for EU to support individual research, is aimed at funding elite researchers to launch cooperative research with Europe for the purpose of promoting scientific progress and driving collaboration between researchers and European research institutions.

Dr. Li will carry out cooperative research in School of Applied Science and Engineering, Aston University, UK in the next two years. Li’s successful application suggests that his research has been highly recognized by EU peers. Internationalization of School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering has been steadily increasing in recent years. And the successive awards have demonstrated the research capability of young research fellows of the school and have won great acclaim for the university.

编辑:Pan Chenxi