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New Advance in Uncertainty Analysis of Structural Vibration Signals
time: Sep 27, 2016

“Circularly-Symmetric Complex Normal Ratio Distribution for Scalar Transmissibility Functions”, the study jointly undertaken by Professor Yan Wangji from School of Civil Engineering and Changjiang Scholar -- Professor Ren Weixin, is serialized online on Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing in two parts. This is the first time for HFUT researchers to serialize papers on this journal.

The work has, with great ingenuity, proven circularly-symmetric complex Gaussian scale random vector statistical inference theorem”, and deduced the closed-form solution of vibration transmissibility functions probability density on the basis of the theorem. The two papers received high international peer reviews such as “excellent two papers”, “the quality is very outstanding”, “the work is very substantial”, “the two papers are well-written, well-organized” and “the derivation is rigorous”.

Vibration transmissibility, a basic characteristic function demonstrating the input/output relations in the power system, has drawn wide attention for its distinctive advantage in processing dynamic problems out of the stimulation of non-white noise and its application in system identification and health monitoring. Nevertheless, how to address the uncertainty in transmissibility analysis remains the focus and difficulty in this area.

This work lays the mathematical groundwork to find probabilistic models for raw scalar transmissibility functions and makes an innovative breakthrough in the application of the transmissibility function-driven theory to the monitoring and study of structural safety.

Professor Yan, under the guidance of Professor Ren, had done a series of innovative explorations on vibration transmissibility. For instance, the power spectral density transmissibility (PSDT) and the continuous-wavelet transmissibility (CWTR) they proposed has been under extension by many research groups in Brail, Spain, Australia and other countries. Nearly 10 international journals have done follow-up studies on this topic and direct quoted “PDST” in their titles.

Access to the papers:

1. Circularly-symmetric complex normal ratio distribution for scalar transmissibility functions. Part I: Fundamentals


2. Circularly-symmetric complex normal ratio distribution for scalar transmissibility functions. Part II: Probabilistic model and validation


Written by: Wang Huaping

Edited by: Wang Jian