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School of Electronic Science and Applied Physics

As one of the 18 major schools of HFUT, School of Electronic Science and Applied Physics (SESAP) consists of four first-tier disciplines, namely, Department of Basic Subjects Teaching, Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Department of Optical Engineering and Department of Physics. The school has one doctoral degree conferring unit in the second-tier discipline of IC, three Master degree conferring units including second-tier disciplines of IC and Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, first-tier disciplines of Electronic Science and Technology and Optical Engineering, and two engineering Master degree conferring units on IC engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering. Additionally, Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics is the key discipline of Anhui Province. Now, the school has over 280 graduate students.

132 faculty and staff members contribute their utmost to the school, including 104 faculty members, 80% of whom have Ph.D. degrees and Master degree, 15 professors, 45 associate professors, 5 doctoral supervisors and 43 Master supervisors. There is 1 distinguished staff entitled as ‘Huangshan Young Scholars’, 1 winner of New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, 1 National Excellent Teacher, 1 winner of Fok Ying Tung Foundation Award for Young Teachers of the Ministry of Education.

Currently, the school has three province-level research platforms including Online Cooperation Center on IC Design of Ministry of Education, Online Cooperation Center on Applied Physics of Ministry of Education, MEMS Engineering and Technology Research Center of Anhui Province, and several school-level research centers including Research Institute on Computing System Structure, Research Institute on Microelectronics Design, Institute of Micro Nano Functional Materials and Devices, Research Center of IC Design, etc... In early 2013, our school acquired more than RMB 5 millon capital injection from the university, and then founded the Research Center of Three-dimensional Printing and Laser Reengineering Technology which is administrated jointly by the university and our school.

The school seeks active cooperation with enterprises, and has established joint laboratories with Shuanghuan Electronics Company, Longxun Microelectronics Company, Huangshan Electronics Company, Haili Medical Company, etc..  Advanced testing technology and its reliability design, IC design, MEMS design, nano-functional material and sensors, etc. have enjoyed advantages in research.

So far, the school has completed more than 60 research projects, covering National "863 Program", National "973 Program", the National Natural Science Fund, the key projects of the National Science, scientific and technological project at provincial and ministerial levels, and enterprise commission projects, and has won several awards such as the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the third prize of National Science and Technology Invention Award, and Science and Technology Progress Award at provincial and ministerial levels, etc.., In the recent 5 years, the teachers of our school have published more than 100 academic papers in international academic journals, key national academic journals, and influential conferences both at home and aboard. Several papers have been cited by SCI, EI and ISTP.

Regarding the software and hardware platform, our school uses professional softwares such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, TCAD, ZENI for IC design and semiconductor device simulation, Atomistix Virtual NanoLab for the analysis of nano-devices, and Ansys MEMS for related designs. The school is equipped with major processing and testing equipments for mainstream semiconductor processing procedures, devices for photoelectron experiments and the research platform of three-dimension printing and laser cladding.

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