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School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics of Hefei University of Technology is one of the earliest schools founded. In the annual national and global college students’ mathematic model-building competitions, we have earned exceptional grades.

The predecessor of the School of Mathematics of Hefei University of Technology was the Department of Basic Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics and Mechanics was founded in 1985 by merging the Department of Applied Mathematics and Department of Mechanics. In 1997, Hefei University of Technology, together with the Engineering College of Anhui formed a new Hefei University of Technology, and by combining the departments of mathematics and mechanics it formed a new Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. In 1999, the School of Science was established by the union of the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. In 2007 the department of Mathematics was separated from the School of Science while in April, 2009, the Department of Mathematics was upgraded to the School of Mathematics.

Currently, the school has two undergraduate majors (Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics); 1 master discipline (mathematics), which consists of five disciplines (basic mathematics, computational mathematics, applied mathematics, probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Operational Research and Cybernetics); a doctoral program (Information and Computing Science).

The school has five departments (Department of Information and Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Department of General Mathematics, Department of Engineering Mathematics Teaching, Department of General Graduate Mathematics); 4 institutes (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Computational Science and Simulation and Emulation Research, Institute of Systematic Science, Institute of Statistical Analysis and Optimization of Logistics).

The school has 102 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 25 associate professors, 2 doctoral tutors, 33 Master Instructors, 1 member of the National Committee for the Teaching of Mathematics and Statistics, nurturing over 2000 undergraduates, 500-plus masters and 36 doctors.

In recent years, the school has won 2 prizes of natural science award at or above provincial level, a second prize in National Teaching Achievement Award, a special grade, three top prizes, a second prize and 2 third prizes in Teaching Achievement Awards of Anhui. The school also presides over one key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one National Scientific and Technological Supporting Projects, one major project of Ministry of Education, 18 funding projects of Science and Technology Studies of China, and 34 provincial scientific research projects. Meanwhile it has many academic theses published in major journals both at home and abroad, and has published a number of textbooks and monographs.

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