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School of Software

Hefei University of Technology is one of the key universities in China under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education and is supported by the government under the National 211 Project. In compliance with the regulation promulgated by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Education for the pilot scheme of establishing the national model of the school of software, School of Software in our university was established in April, 2009. The school began to enroll undergraduates from 2009.

Acting on the school motto of “Integrity, scholarship, pragmatism and innovation”, we have been trying to nurture international elites of software engineering with comprehensive and practical abilities by respecting the inherent law of education, ensuring the quality of the talents and learning based on advanced international experience. Keeping abreast of the development of the information industry and following the guidance of the market demand, our school has established brand-new curriculum systems and teaching methods as well as the training system of software engineering technology and management talents on software development, digital media and embedded systems.

Our school takes the advantage of the information discipline and its inter-discipline, boosting the cooperation with universities at home and aboard. Best teaching material has been utilized, famous software and management experts have been invited to teach our students. Additionally, English teaching and the application of theory in practice have always been strengthened.

What’s more, our school runs educational programs with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Intel, HP, Carnegie Mellon University, etc. and seeks innovation in management and operation of the school.

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