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JI Yihong

Position Vice President

JI Yihong - Vice President

Basic Information: JI Yihong (1965.9-), male, Han nationality, born in Wuwei, Anhui Province.

Post: Member of the Standing Committee of Hefei University of Technology CPC Committee, Vice President of Hefei University of Technology,Research Associate.

Working Experience:

JI Yihong was admitted to the Department of Civil Engineering, Hefei University of Technology in September 1983, and obtained his Bachelor’sDegree in hydraulic engineering. Upon graduation in July 1987, he began to work for the University in the same year, and by January 1991, he had served as instructor and then Deputy Secretary of the General Branch of the Department of Youth League Committee of the Department of CivilEngineering. He then served as Deputy Section Member and later Section Chief Member of the Organization Department of the Party Committee from January 1991 to June 1996. Later on, he was appointed as Deputy Chief of Student Affairs Section. After he obtained his Master’s Degreein May 1997, a series of important positions were assigned to him from 1997 to 2006, including Deputy Director of Human Resources Office(in September 1997), Deputy Director of Basic Construction and Logistics Office (in November 2001), Member of the Party Committee of the University (in March 2003), Director of Logistics Office (in August 2003), and Director of Human Resources Office (in January, 2006). Then in January 2008, Mr. JI was appointed as Head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, and Member of the Party Standing Committee in July of the same year (during which he went abroad to attend the workshop for college administration staff in Australia (China Scholarship Council) from September to December in 2008, and was enrolled in the 34th training class for young leaders at National Academy of Education Administration from September to November in 2010); In 2011, JI Yihong was elected Representative to the 3rd People’s Congress of Baohe District, Hefei. In October 2015, he was appointed as Head of the General Affairs Department. In June 2017, JI Yihong was appointed as Vice President of Hefei University of Technology.

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