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HFUT Won Three National Approval of “New Engineering” Research and Practice Projects
time: Apr 17, 2018

After merit-based recommendation, communication review, expert appraisal and publicity, the General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued “Notification of the First Batch of ‘New Engineering’ Research and Practice Projects”. All the three projects submitted by our school were selected as the national “new engineering” research and practice projects, which are “Studies on Several Issues of China’s New Engineering Talent Cultivation — from the Perspective of Engineering Philosophy” hosted by researcher Wang Zhangbao, “A Research on the Cultivation System of Multi-disciplinary Talents fo Intelligent Vehicle” hosted by professor Lu Jianwei and “Reform and Practice of Instrumental Specialty towards Modern Industrial Economy” hosted by professor Yu Liandong. Among them, the first project is one of the 14 established theoretical research and internationalized projects nationwide, while the latter two are respectively one of the 16 artificial intelligence projects and the 45 instrumental projects in the “new engineering” specialty reform projects.

The construction of “New Engineering” is a strategic action that actively responds to a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes. It is a strategic move to promote China’s transition from a large country of engineering education to a powerful nation of engineering education. And the “New Engineering” Research and Practice Project is also an upgraded version of the Excellence Initiative (Referred to as “Excellence Initiative 2.0”). Thus, the Ministry of Education has put forward the following specific requirements for universities: to deepen the understanding of the concept “New Engineering”; to diversify researches catering for the needs of the development; to strengthen exchange and cooperation between projects and to gain more supports from various resources. In accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Education, HFUT also takes the construction of “New Engineering” as a powerful guide to lead its education reform, and puts “New Engineering” Research and Practice Projects into the overall plan of "Double First-class" construction. In addition, HFUT has vigorously promoted the construction of trinity education and teaching system of “moral education ahead”, “capacity-oriented”, and “innovation and entrepreneurship”. And the school has fostered a large number of new-type engineering talents with solid engineering foundation, pragmatic working style and strong entrepreneurial ability.

编辑:Pan Chenxi