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HFUT Study Wins Second Prize of State Technological and Invention Award 2014
time: Apr 12, 2015

Development and Application of Bleaching Adsorbentof Edible Oil based on Dry Activation”, the technology jointly developed by Professor Chen Tianhu from School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Jiangnan University and Huaiyin Institute of Technology won the State Technological and Invention Award 2014.

This study looks into the microscopic structure, nano effect and surface characteristics of attapulgite clay, the activation mechanism of attapulgite clay, oil bleaching mechanism, oil beaching agent and its influence on oil quality in a systematic way, and invent the dry activation techniques of oil bleaching absorbent and the “two-step” bleaching techniques consistent with its properties. Based on the techniques, the study even develops a highly hygroscopic desiccant by modifying the bleaching absorbent.

Once massively applied, the study would help reduce over 100 million tons of acid waste, save over 200,000 tons of edible oil and save more than 2,000 tons of synthetic antioxidants.

Professor Chen is a PhD adviser in Geology and the leading researcher of “Nano Minerals and Mineral Environmental Materials Group” in HFUT. With nearly 30 years of R&D experience in attapulgite clay, he is taking a leading role in this area in China. He has already been in charge of 10 national scientific programs 4 provincial programs with over 200 papers published on important Chinese and international journals and 2 books.