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HFUT Gas Pollution Treatment Technology Makes New Breakthrough
time: May 1, 2015

A new gas pollution treatment technology jointly developed by Professor Zhang Xianlong from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, HFUT and Hefei Chenxi Environment Protection Engineering Co. Ltd. passed the technological Achievement Appraisal organized by China High-Tech Industrialization Association and was officially listed as a national scientific and technological achievement on January 23rd. The technology was unanimously hailed as a leading one internationally, filling the gap in the Chinese market.

There are three major pollutants in industrial gas pollution: dust, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. The emission control technology of dust and sulfur oxides has been extensively applied, whereas the pollution treatment of nitrogen oxides is still lacking behind.

The core intellectual property rights of the current nitrogen oxides treatment technology, i.e. denitration are monopolized by several foreign countries. Denitration is basically only used in large-scale thermo power plant and some industrial boilers that are adjusted to high-temperature denitration. A large number of boilers in other industries left uncovered, including exhausts of coke oven gas in the coking industry.

The jointly developed technology of “Research and Analysis of Low-temperature SCR Denitration in exhausts of coke oven gas” successfully solves the problem of nitrogen oxides treatment in the coking industry, with its test result reaching and even surpassing the latest national emission standard. Hence, it is in position to be put into industrial promotion.

It is reported that the technology owns complete IPR and nearly 20 items of national patents, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign companies and filling the gap in the medium-to-low temperature denitration technology. It has other advantages like low cost, environmentally friendly, space saving and convenient in use.