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HFUT Team Clinches the Third Straight Championship in China Youth Bridge Game
time: May 1, 2015

Six students from HFUT won the third straight championship in U25 Men’s Team, China Youth Bridge Game in Wujiang, Jiangsu province. They will represent China to compete in the 20th Asia Pacific Bridge Championship.

The National Youth Bridge Game was composed of qualifying sessions and eliminations. HFUT men’s team entered the semifinal as the first place. In semifinal, HFUT men’s team won a landslide victory against Hunan Institute of Engineering with 39:6, 51:17 and 91:12 in three decks.

The final was not that relaxed. With the advantage of gaining an extra 4imp, Zhejiang Gongshang University led most of the way in the first session. After strenuous fights, HFUT won the first session with 31: 28, still 1 imp less than the competitor. After the even match in the second session, HFUT won the game in the end by 5 decks with the total score of 108:97. Zhejiang Gongshang University and Zhejiang University won the second and third places. HFUT women’s team won the seventh place in the game.

With the victory, HFUT men’s team will represent China to attend the 20th Asia Pacific Bridge Championship in Bangkok, Thailand and will have the opportunity to attend the World Bridge Championship 2016. The team had won the runner-up in the 19th Asia Pacific Bridge Championship and the fifth place in the 2014 world championship.