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HFUT Paper Most Downloaded in 14 Months
time: May 1, 2015

Data Mining with Big Datawith HFUT professor Wu Xindong as the lead author is the most downloaded paper in 14 months in a row from Dec. 2013 to Jan. 2015, according to IEEE Xplore Digital Librabry.

This paper was the Highlight paper onIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering(IEEE TKDE)on January 2014. This paper presents a HACE theorem that characterizes the features of the Big Data revolution, and proposes a Big Data processing model, from the data mining perspective.

Since its publication in late 2013 on IEEE Digital Library, the paper has been under wide attention from counterparts in the world. It has been the most downloaded paper among all IEEE publications in 14 months consecutively.

With 1.815 impact factor, IEEE TKDE is the most influential international academic journal on data mining. The largest download volume of the paper has reflected its extensive academic influence on big data on data mining.